DynaHEALTH profile paper published in International Journal of Epidemiology

The DynaHEALTH consortium's profile paper has been published in the International Journal of Epidemiology. The paper explains why the consortium was set up and what the project is about, what data is included, what has been measured, what has been found and the challenges faced. 

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EASD 2019

The Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes will take place between 16th - 20th September 2019 in Barcelona Spain. 

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Northern Finland Birth Cohorts - more than 50 years of research

On the 20th March 2019, International Day of Happiness, the University of Oulu will hold an open event to engage with the participants of the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1986 at the TellUs Innovation Arena at the University of Oulu.

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Science meets policy to discuss healthy ageing

Evidence from the DynaHEALTH project is building to suggest that early interventions play a role in reducing the risks. Psychosocial factors also play a significant role in an individual’s risk of ‘unhealthy ageing’. To convey these important findings to policy makers, the project consortium was hosted by Finnish MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen at an event held at European Parliament. 

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New study suggests earlier interventions are needed to prevent inactivity in children

Physical activity is presumed to decline with the start of adolescence, however, new research shows that this decline begins earlier than previously thought. 

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New study shows an epigenetic link between prenatal exposure to maternal smoking and offspring's cardio-metabolic health

According to new research, epigenetic changes found in the offspring exposed to maternal smoking during pregnancy or in current smokers are linked to smoking-related diseases in adulthood.

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DOHaD 2019

The 11th DOHaD World Congress will take place in Melbourne, Australia between 20th and 23rd October 2019 and is hosted by the DOHaD Society of Australia and New Zealand. The theme for the congress is Investing in a Healthy Future for All: Research, Education, Policy. 

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International Genetic Epidemiology Society (IGES) Meeting

The 2018 annual IGES meeting is taking place between 14th and 16th October in San Diego, USA. The satellite meeting precedes The American Society of Human Genetics Annual Meeting, between 16th and 20th October. 

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New evidence to support the importance of psychosocial factors in determining type 2 diabetes risk

The research findings ‘Understanding the complexity of glycaemic health – Systematic bio-psychosocial modelling of fasting glucose in middle-age adults; a DynaHEALTH study’ have recently been published in the International Journal of Obesity.

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ASO's 5th UK Congress on Obesity

The Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO) is holding its 5th UK Congress on Obesity on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th September, 2018, at Newcastle University. 

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Weight Loss before Puberty Minimises Increased Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes as Adults in Boys who were Overweight

Childhood overweight at 7 years is associated with increased risks of type 2 diabetes in adulthood only if it continues until puberty or later ages, according to a study titled “Change in Overweight from Childhood to Early Adulthood and Risk of Type 2 Diabetes” published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

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DynaHEALTH Partners meet in York

Partners in the DynaHEALTH consortium met in York, UK, on 20th February 2018, for the project's annual General Assembly meeting. 

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Vacancy: Postdoctoral Researcher in Epidemiology and Biostatistics

The Järvelin and Sebert research group, at the University of Oulu's Centre for Life Course Health Research, is seeking a new postdoctoral researcher with excellent skills in longitudinal data analysis approaches in epidemiology. 

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DynaHEALTH at the World Congress on Developmental Origins of Health and Disease

The 10th anniversary World Congress 'Lifecourse Health and Disease: Observations, Experiments and Interventions’ took place in Rotterdam between 15th and 18th October 2017.

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5th International Conference on Nutrition & Growth

The 5th International Conference on Nutrition & Growth will take place between 1st and 3rd March, 2018 in Paris. 

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DHU2020 Autumn School: New Determinants for Chronic Diseases

The 4th DHU2020 Autumn School is taking place on 26th and 27th October, 2017 in Nantes, France. This year, the focus will be on 'New Determinants for Chronic Diseases', with lectures from leading specialists in the fields. 

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Oktoberfest Symposium 2017 - Childhood Diabetes

The 11th Oktoberfest Symposium will take place on Tuesday 26th September 2017 in Munich, Germany. Hosted by the Institute of Diabetes Research at the Helmholtz Zentrum München, the symposium brings together international and local scientists to present and discuss experiences and new findings on "Childhood diabetes: features, pathogenesis and intervention".

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Losing weight before young adulthood eliminates increased risk of type 2 diabetes

Males who are overweight in childhood but achieve normal weight as young adults do not have an increased risk of type 2 diabetes in adulthood, compared to men who were never overweight.

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Early Career Research Lectureship

The University of Lincoln is enjoying an exciting period of expansion and is seeking to further support and develop research in the school through the creation of a 3-year Early Career Research Lectureship. This post is to work within the expanding developmental psychopathology team headed by Professor Alina Rodriguez.

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Maternal-Fetal Crosstalk: Harmony vs Conflict

The Maternal-Fetal Crosstalk: Harmony vs Conflict, part of the Keystone Symposia on Molecular and Circular Biology takes place between 4th and 8th October, 2017 in Washington, DC, USA.

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New research shows unemployment is related to type 2 diabetes in middle-aged men

A new study from EU-funded H2020 project DynaHEALTH explores the relationship between varying lengths of unemployment with the risk of type 2 diabetes in the general population.

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The American Diabetes Association's 77th Scientific Sessions

The American Diabetes Association's 77th Scientific Sessions will be held between 9th and 13th June 2017 in San Diego, California, USA.

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EASD Study Group on Genetics of Diabetes

The next EASD Study Group on Genetics of Diabetes (EASD-SGGD) meeting will take place between 11th and 13th May 2017 in Leiden, the Netherlands.

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Save the Date: Epidemiological Birth Cohort Studies Conference

The next conference on Epidemiological Birth Cohort Studies and the 3rd Paula Rantakallio symposium will take place between 13th and 15th June 2018 in Oulu, Finland.

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22nd International Congress on Prevention of Diabetes

The 22nd International Congress on Prevention of Diabetes and Complications will take place between October 12-13, 2017 in London, UK.This year’s theme is “Diabetes - from monitoring to management” and reflects the innovative progress in Diabetes disease research.

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European Conference of Human Genetics 2017

The European Conference of Human Genetics (ESHG) 2017 marks the 50th Anniversary of the first ESHG Conference and is taking place between 27th and 30th May in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

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Course: Introduction to the statistical analysis of genome-wide association studies

Imperial College London, with support from the European Society of Human Genetics (ESHG), are running a short course on the 'Introduction to the statistical analysis of genome-wide association studies' from the 4th to 8th July 2017.

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18th European Diabetes Congress

The 18th European Diabetes Congress will take place on 17th and 18th July 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal. The theme of the congress is "Developments and Changing Life of the Diabetes World".

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Postdoc fellowship with DynaHEALTH partner Erasmus MC

DynaHEALTH Partner Erasmus Medical Centre is involved in the LEaDing Fellows Programme, a Marie Curie Fellowship program for postdocs.


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Publication: Using Genetic Variation to Explore the Causal Effect of Maternal...

This paper 'Using Genetic Variation to Explore the Causal Effect of Maternal Pregnancy Adiposity on Future Offspring Adiposity: A Mendelian Randomisation Study' was published in January 2017 in PLOS Medicine.

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