Laboratorios Ordesa is a pioneering company with more than 70 years of experience offering a wide range of nutritional products for infants, children and adults with the aim of improving their health and quality of life. Ordesa is a leading company in the infant food sector, with products such as infant formulas, baby cereals and food complements distributed in more than 15 countries across Europe, America, and Asia. The company maintains a strong commitment to research, development and innovation, with annual investments exceeding 2.5% of annual turnover. This has turned Ordesa into an innovative and pioneering company, bringing high quality products, widely recognised by health professionals, to the market.


Ordesa conducts preclinical studies, as well as clinical studies, aimed at improving the quality of life of children and adults in the areas of optimal growth (infants and children), intestinal health, immune function and cognitive function. The company has a research centre located in the Barcelona Science Park, as well as a dairy pilot plant in collaboration with the Food & Technology Research Institute (IRTA) where several research projects are conducted to develop new food ingredients and products. Ordesa has participated in many national and international collaborative research and development projects.

The Cognis (GO-FCOG-010) study is a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study in which the effect of a new infant and follow-up formula, supplemented with LC-PUFA and ganglioside enriched whey, on the cognitive development of the infant is evaluated.

Ordesa has financially supported the Cognis study from its beginning in 2010 (recruitment of newborn infants) up to the age of 18 months (period 2010-2014) and will continue to support the follow-up of this cohort up to the age of 6-7 years (period 2014-2020). The DynaHEALTH project will add new outcomes during the follow-up period and will explore the association of early nutritional intervention on glucose metabolism.

Our team

Jesús Jiménez López

General Director on New Products and Business at Laboratorios Ordesa and DynaHEALTH Principal Investigator

Jesús has a background in Chemistry, a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and has diplomas in several business school programmes. He has more than 20 years of experience in management positions within the scientific area as well as in business development area in different companies of the food sector. Throughout his career he has led a number of successful projects involving new products design and the promotion of numerous collaborative preclinical and clinical studies in relation to food research.

Mireia Morera Inglés

Mireia is Medical Director at Laboratorios Ordesa and has more than 20 years of experience in medical affairs and clinical development management positions in the medical and infant nutrition industry. She has also been involved in new nutrition product development and the design and promotion of their clinical and scientific endorsement.

María Rodriguez-Palmero

María is Preclinical Research Director at Laboratorios Ordesa and coordinates the research on new ingredients at the research centre located in the Barcelona Science Park. She has also participated in several research projects at the preclinical level in collaboration with universities and biotech companies, as well as in previous European projects in FP5 (NUHEAL, QLK1-CT-1999-00888 and MEPPHAC, QLK1-2002-712376), and FP6 (EARNEST, FOOD-2005-007036).

Role in this project

Laboratorios Ordesa is responsible for research tasks in Work Package 2.