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Statistical modelling of life-course, genetic and epigenetic data; diabetology; bioinformatics; genetic epidemiology.

Our team

Professor Majid Ezzati

Chair in Global Environmental Health and DynaHEALTH Lead Investigator.

Majid is Chair in Global Environmental Health at Imperial and Adjunct Professor of Global Health at Harvard School of Public Health; Boston, USA. His research focuses on exposure to, and the health effects of, environmental, behavioural nutritional, and metabolic risk factors for obesity, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes at the population level. He also specialises in the conduct of interventions in low- and middle-income countries, risk assessment, and the development of population health metrics methods and applications.

Professor Philippe Froguel

Head of Department of Genomics of Common Disease.

Philippe is a Professor of Genomic Medicine at Imperial, with a career focusing on the genetics of diabetes and obesity. He leads DynaHEALTH’s tasks on the generation of novel epigenome-wide data.

Dr Inga Prokopenko

Senior Lecturer in Human Genomics.

Inga’s research has focused on the genetics of type-2 diabetes and related glycaemic indices and metabolic traits.

Dr Alex Lewin

Reader in Statistics, Brunel University London.

Alex’s research focuses on developing Bayesian methods for statistical genomics and epidemiology, particularly hierarchical models and variable selection models. She is currently a Reader in the Department of Mathematics at Brunel University London, and an honorary lecturer at Imperial College.

Dr Toby Andrew

Lecturer in Human Genetics.

Toby’s background combines computing, statistics and human genetics, and his research focuses on the genetics of metabolic disease and common myopia, with an emphasis on mitochondrial function.

Dr Korbinian Strimmer

Reader in Biostatistics and Computational Biology

Korbian's main research topic is the development of biostatistical and bioinformatics methods for the analysis of high-dimensional biomolecular data. He has expertise in multiple testing approaches, model and variable selection for regression and classification, and computationally effective algorithms for large-scale data.

Professor Alina Rodriguez

Visiting Professor, Psychology

Alina has expertise in neuropsychology and is highly experienced in life course epidemiology and public health with a focus on causal pathways of complex disorders within maternal and child health. She works across disciplines in large-scale research projects and international collaborations.

Role in this project

Imperial College is leader of Work Package 4 and has research tasks in Work Package 5.