The Folkhälsan Research Centre focuses on biomedical and health science research, and operates in the third sector with special areas of interest being the health and well-being of children and elderly people. The main research programmes operate in Folkhälsan owned premises in Biomedicum Helsinki on the Meilahti campus at the University of Helsinki (UH). Collaboration between UH and Folkhälsan, and the clinical facilities available are excellent. The number of scientists and other personnel affiliated with the Centre is about 200, with many working in research for over 20 years.


Our areas of expertise include longitudinal birth cohort studies and lifestyle intervention trials for the prevention of gestational diabetes.

Our team

Professor Johan G Eriksson

Professor of General Practice and DynaHEALTH Principal Investigator

Johan is Professor of General Practice at the University of Helsinki, specialising in internal medicine and general practice. He is the Principle Investigator of the Helsinki Birth Cohort (HBCS) which he has also initiated. He has extensive experience in carrying out longitudinal studies as well as carrying out clinical research projects in relation to prevention of Non Communicable Diseases.

Minna Salonen

Minna Salonen, PhD, is postdoctoral researcher in the HBCS.

Niko Wasenius

Niko Wasenius, PhD, is postdoctoral researcher within HBCS and RADIEL.

Role in this project

The Folkhälsan Research Centre is jointly leading Work Package 3 with the Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam.