Beta Technology (Beta) is an independent private limited SME based in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK. The company was incorporated over 30 years ago and since 1990 has been active in European collaborative research programmes. Beta is a knowledge based company supporting commercial organisations, the public sector and research communities to collaborate and to develop and deliver innovative projects.


Beta is an expert in communication, dissemination and exploitation activities, especially in support of large scale international collaborative research projects. Over the past 20 years, Beta has been an advisor, a UK national contact point and a participant in European research programmes, in a number of thematic areas including health. As experts in dissemination, Beta combines technical knowledge with communication skills to promote research results and project outcomes to a wide range of stakeholder groups. This includes tailoring messages to maximise impact, reaching members of the public, industry, professionals and academics. Beta works in partnership with a range of organisations to deliver outputs such as websites, videos and publications.

Our team

Jayne Evans, Director and DynaHEALTH Principal Investigator

Jayne has experience in stakeholder communication, technical dissemination and managing European projects, including promoting European research funding. She has been responsible for co-ordinating six transnational EU funded projects and has extensive experience of dissemination activity and conference organisation within EU programmes, including Food Safety 2000 and NUTRIMENTHE. Jayne has also delivered training as part of the Early Nutrition Academy (ENA Post Graduate School 2009) on “communication training for scientists”.

Johanne Boulding, Consultant

Jo has extensive experience of managing publically funded projects which have included marketing and communication activity.

Claire Webster, Consultant

Claire’s background is in marketing and communications and within the project she is responsible for the website, PR and day to day communications focused activity.

Role in this project

Beta is the partner responsible for leading the communication, dissemination and exploitation activities within the consortium.