The Academic Medical Centre (AMC) in Amsterdam is one of the most prominent academic medical centres in the Netherlands with a leading position in medical research. AMC’s Research Institute for Reproduction and Development is mostly dedicated to translational research in the field of human reproduction and development, with expertise in translation research, evaluation of medical interventions and long term consequences of environmental exposures around conception.


AMC’s areas of expertise include unique birth cohorts (such as the Dutch famine birth cohort) and Randomised Controlled Trials of preconception lifestyle intervention (the WOMB project) with follow up of mothers and children across the life-course. AMC has been the initiator and driving force behind the Dutch Consortium for Women’s Health and Reproductivity studies which includes over 70 medical centres in the Netherlands and currently runs more than 30 clinical trials in reproductive medicine and obstetrics.

Our team

Our team includes:

Professor Tessa Roseboom

Professor Tessa Roseboom, Professor of Early Development and Health and DynaHEALTH Lead Investigator

Tessa has been the principal investigator of the Dutch famine birth cohort study since 1998, and has attracted national and international funding for several rounds of data collection among over a thousand participants and their offspring, resulting in more than seventy published papers. Tessa is one of the AMC principal investigators and Head of the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease Research Group. Her research focuses on  underlying fundamental biological processes in ‘developmental programming’, as well as studies of contemporary pregnancies (including lifestyle interventions before pregnancy, assisted reproduction techniques and hyperemesis gravidarum) that ultimately may lead to preventive strategies which aim to stop disease in generations to come.

Dr Susanne de Rooij

Dr Susanne de Rooij is Assistant Professor at AMC and is responsible for the Dutch famine birth cohort study contribution to DynaHEALTH.

Dr Cornelieke van de Beek

Dr Cornelieke van de Beek is Postdoc at AMC. She coordinates the WOMB project and will contribute to DynaHEALTH through the Lifestyle KIDS study.

Role in this project

AMC is jointly leading Work Package 3 with The Folkhälsan Research Centre. AMC also has research tasks in work package 2.