The DynaHEALTH project uses a number of existing studies, and includes three types of cohorts in terms of source population: longitudinal studies of general populations, high-risk populations and randomised controlled trials. The project has access to 20 cohorts with data on approximately 1.3 million participants in eight European countries. These 20 cohorts consist of 12 general population cohorts, of which four focus on later life and ageing. Three high-risk cohorts follow populations of offspring born to mothers with a risk of gestational diabetes, either via high pre-pregnancy BMI, previous history or other known risk factors. Four randomised controlled trials focus on prenatal and early life interventions to improve maternal health and child development.

Data has been collected via clinical examinations, laboratory analyses of blood samples, brain scan images and questionnaire data relating to psychosocial variables. Many studies include linkage to national registers providing vast data from hospital records, population registers, and employment records.