Our Research

The DynaHEALTH research plan is composed of eight work packages (WP), five of which are scientific, designed specifically to meet the project objectives and impacts.

Programme of scientific work

Research Work Package 1
The Gluco-Psychosocial Axis (GPA) and its associations in early life

The objective of Work Package 1 is to investigate the consequences of exposure to variation in the GPA in foetal life on;

  1. Early growth, body composition and glucose metabolism;
  2. Neurodevelopment, cognition, brain structure and function;

and to study the role of metabolic markers and epigenetics in the underlying pathways.

Partners involved in this work package;

Research Work Package 2
Randomised controlled intervention studies in early life

The objective of this work package is to evaluate the impact of dietary and lifestyle interventions in pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and infancy on GPA status. Using data from existing randomised controlled trials (RCTs), with some new follow-up data to be collected at different time points in childhood, we will assess the effects of these interventions on components of the GPA, and on the composite measure of GPA status.

Partners involved in this work package;

Research Work Package 3
GPA and healthy active ageing from a life-course perspective

The objective of Work Package 3 is to identify pathways through which psychosocial and diabesogenic factors interplay and interact and have an impact on the ageing process. Ageing will be defined broadly and will not only include ageing associated diseases (e.g. type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression), but also take into account physical function, subjective wellbeing, participation in the work force, and objectively measured changes of brain structure, cognitive function and decline, and telomere length.

Partners involved in this work package;

Research Work Package 4
Analytical strategies; Novel statistical methodology and laboratory approaches for analysis of multi-faceted life-course data

Work Package 4 is designed to support the scientific aims of Work Packages 1 to 3 and provide input into the econometric modelling in Work Package 5. It involves tasks to coordinate the generation of novel metabolomic and epigenetic datasets, development of statistical modelling techniques, and the harmonisation of data and analysis strategies across the project’s many studies.

Partners involved in this work package;

Research Work Package 5
A dynamic impact model of the GPA’s effects on ageing

The overall objective of this work package is to assess the impact that modifiable developmental factors affecting the GPA at different stages of the life-course may have on long-term healthy and active ageing, and identify whether there are critical periods in individuals’ lives where targeted intervention strategies are more cost-effective than in others.

Partners involved in this work package: