Postdoc fellowship with DynaHEALTH partner Erasmus MC

Published on 08/02/2017

DynaHEALTH Partner Erasmus Medical Centre is involved in the LEaDing Fellows Programme, a Marie Curie Fellowship program for postdocs.

The LEaDing Fellows Programme provides 90 researchers from all over the world who recently obtained a PhD, with the opportunity to gain two years of work experience in the challenging, internationally acclaimed and multidisciplinary environment offered by three universities and their medical centres.

The programme is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND which will run from February 2017 till February 2022. The positions are offered in three calls: February-March 2017, November-December 2017 and August-September 2018.  

This fellowship would enable non-Dutch researchers to do research with Erasmus Medical Centre, in the Generation R Study for 2 years.

Please contact us if you are interested and want to apply (deadline for application March 31st 2017).

Read more about the eligibility criteria and the application process here.

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