Life course influences and mechanisms: Obesity, Physical Activity and Cancer

Published on 14/03/2016

World Cancer Research Fund International and World Obesity Federation are hosting this two-day conference in 2016. This conference is a ‘part-2’ in a series following the first OPAC conference in 2013. It will bring together scientific, health and policy professionals working in the area of obesity, physical activity and cancer.

The latest evidence and future research needs will be shared and discussed on topics including:

  • The epidemiology and metabolic mechanisms linking obesity, weight change, and physical activity to cancer risk and survival
  • Early life events linked to obesity and cancer susceptibility in later life, including discussion on findings on height and cancer risk
  • Issues and new approaches to assess body composition and metabolic markers of cancer risk and progression
  • A novel method for systematically reviewing mechanistic studies, and results from feasibility studies testing this method exploring mechanisms underpinning the links between postmenopausal body fatness and breast cancer
  • Best practice for implementing scientific evidence into policy actions for prevention of obesity, cancer and other non-communicable diseases


The deadline for the submission of abstracts for oral and poster presentations relating to the conference themes is Friday 22 April 2016. 

For more information please visit the event website

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